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A Fernandina Beach Florida Hand Crafted Spirit

From Florida Sugar Cane Fields to your glass, this Florida’s most mixable Vodka.

Venture Vodka is hand crafted, distilled, and bottled all by hand in our Craft Distillery located on Amelia Island’s historic Fernandina Beach.

Our small batch approach means a clear, light, and smooth Vodka for your palate. Designed to only take the purest of the distillation run, or the heart of the run, Venture Vodka has a sweet nose and a refined taste. At Marlin & Barrel we produce clean Vodka from carefully pulling out the heart of the distillation run and combining it with a highly purified water. Bottled at 40% ABV, Venture Vodka is great for cocktail mixing or enjoying neat.

Our process is nothing short of a traditional method of making spirits. Our Vodka is carefully processed through two different still types, highly filtered for purity and combined with crystal clear water to bring about a truly enjoyable Vodka. We tested many forms of sugar cane products (sweet molasses, blackstrap molasses, processed sugar, brown sugar, evaporated cane juice), and several times that in yeast variants to come up with a Vodka that says Florida. While vodka’s history is found in either grain or potato, if it had started here in Florida we believe it would be known as a different form of a sugar cane spirit. Venture Vodka is Florida’s Vodka.


A Fernandina Beach Florida Hand Crafted Spirit

There are lots of ways to describe a light, silver, or white rum, but only one way to make it right.

Since a light rum is most often a colorless spirit, it invites a wide array of manufacturing techniques—not all support crafting a product with the right combination of sweetness, luster and smoothness that Bearng Rum has. Made with the learnings of hundreds of years of trial and error, Bearing Rum starts from a ferment of black strap molasses where the full flavor of the sugar cane is present in a concentrated fashion. Then, carefully, it is distilled to take a deep cut into the heart of the distillation run and continues long into the deep flavor portion of the run combining to offer a smooth spirit filled with the sweet flavor that comes from a well-made rum.

Lastly, we take our time in resting the rum on fresh poured whisky barrels made from American oak allowing Bearing to soak in the goodness its surroundings have to offer. These time honored traditions are not the most expedient, cost effective or easiest way to make a light rum, but harder road has made all the difference in the final product. We don’t short change the spirit and we don’t compromise on our pursuit to Discover Our Spirit.

Marlin & Barrel RECIPE Bandera Española
Johnny Miller Bartender
The Palace Saloon (Florida's Oldest Bar)
2 oz. Bearing Rum
½ oz. Licor 43
3 Dashes Dr. Adam’s Elmegirab’s Spanish Bitters
1 oz. fresh lime juice
½ oz. cane syrup
1 slice caramelized mango
1 sprig mint

In shaker glass, muddle mango, bitters, syrup; add ice, Bearing rum, Licor 43, lime juice

Stir/ shake into cocktail glass over crushed ice

Garnish with caramelized mango and mint
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