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Discover Your Spirit here is what guides us. It’s an idea, or at least an invitation to an idea. We believe a better version of us is always living inside us waiting to for it’s chance to live outside of our trappings. We took that leap when we created Marlin & Barrel and that purpose still drives us today. We exist to be a part of helping those who how are also committed to that journey. We celebrate that wonderful human spirit with each of our product’s brand names. Founded to create a place for craftsmanship, Marlin & Barrel embraces all who also want to take a step toward the better version of themselves. Are you ready to Discover Your Spirit?




  • Venture Craft Vodka

    Venture Craft Vodka

    Made from Florida Molasses, all from scratch. Hints of sweetness.

  • Venture Standard Vodka

    Venture Standard Vodka

    Classic American grain-based vodka. Clean and crisp.

  • Venture Smoked Pepper Vodka

    Venture Smoked Pepper Vodka

    Made from sugars of molasses. Spicy, yet balanced heat for your cocktail or Bloody Mary.

  • Bearing Light Rum

    Bearing Light Rum

    Made from Florida Molasses, all from scratch. Hints of sweetness.

  • Bearing Amber Rum

    Bearing Amber Rum

    Aged in whiskey barrels. Carries smooth caramel & wood sugars with hints of whisky. Sipping Rum.

  • Bearing 153

    Bearing 153

    Florida’s highest proof spirit in a barrel.
    Still rummy and delicious.

  • Bearing Vanilla Bean Espresso Rum

    Bearing Vanilla Bean Espresso Rum

    Slightly sweet on the approach with an
    Espresso finish.

  • Blossom Orangecello

    Blossom Orangecello

    Hand zested all Florida orange liqueur.

  • Blossom Grapefruitcello

    Blossom Grapefruitcello

    Hand zested all Florida grapefruit liqueur.

  • 2nd Street Gin

    2nd Street Gin

    Well balanced flavor-rich gin that takes from old world botanicals and adds our region’s flavor to create a new world gin.

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